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All PlayStation Plus Members Can Redeem, Download, and Play at No Extra Cost from February 6 to March 4, 2024

FOAMSTARS to Introduce Free Updates Over the Span of One Year with Optional Premium Season Pass also Available

More revealed on Modes, Foamstar and Squad Missions, and Challenges

London (January 16, 2024)  SQUARE ENIX® has announced that FOAMSTARS™, its new online 4v4 foam party shooter exclusively for PlayStation®5 (PS5®) and PlayStation®4 (PS4®), will launch globally on February 6, 2024. To bring the foam party to as many players as possible, FOAMSTARS is included in the PlayStation® Plus monthly game line-up from launch to March 4, 2024, giving all subscribers the chance to redeem, download, and play at no extra cost. Players who redeem during this period will keep the game in their PlayStation Plus library and be able to continue to play for as long as they have an ongoing subscription. Beginning on March 5, 2024, FOAMSTARS will be available for £24.99 via the PlayStation® Store and requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.
FOAMSTARS will receive free themed seasonal updates over the span of one year. Seasons present players with an array of new experiences, including cosmetics, playable characters, maps, and game modes. Each season will come with an optional Premium Season Pass for £4.99. Those who purchase the Premium Season Pass will immediately unlock Season Pass characters and can earn additional season-specific cosmetics.  
Three PvP multiplayer gameplay modes will be available at launch, including Smash the Star, Happy Bath Survival, and the newly revealed Rubber Duck Party. Each mode has three maps expertly designed to intensify the gameplay experience and deliver original, fun, and strategic experiences with every match. As an added challenge, maps are randomized for matchmaking to keep everyone on their toes.
In addition, Foamstar and Squad Missions introduce solo and team based PvE experiences, where players are tasked with protecting Bath Vegas from a series of randomized encounters. Missions give players the opportunity to learn about the FOAMSTARS athletes, hone skills, and play with friends, helping everyone to feel prepped and ready to foam in the competitive PvP matches.
Lastly, FOAMSTARS will contain numerous in-game Challenges that yield exciting rewards, such as a new playable character, or hefty experience bonuses for Season Pass progress, to those who complete the varied in-game foamy tasks.
The official FOAMSTARS Release Date Announce trailer is here
FOAMSTARS is a vibrant, over-the-top shooter, that is accessible to players of all skill levels. It combines the fun of partying with the thrill of combat where players blast through matches using foam to attack, build and defend. Taking control of a quirky and colorful ensemble of athletes, players are dropped into the eccentric city of Bath Vegas to compete in FOAMSMASH. Created as a casual yet competitive experience for everyone, FOAMSTARS features a combination of PvP and PvE modes for up to eight players, either as four vs. four, solo, or co-op as a Squad with three teammates.
Each Season Pass challenges players to progress through tiers which is achieved by earning XP from PvP battling, completing Missions, or completing Challenges. With each tier unlocked, players are rewarded with items to enhance the FOAMSTARS experience. All players will get access to new characters, modes, and maps, to ensure they are always part of the FOAMSTARS’ party. Those who purchase the Premium Season Pass will immediately unlock Season Pass characters, as well as earn additional season-specific cosmetics.
At launch there will be three PvP game modes, Foamstar and Squad PvE Missions, and a range of Anytime, Limited-Time, and Weekly Challenges. Six characters are immediately available. Mel T is unlockable as a season pass achievement, while The Baristador is unlockable as an Anytime Challenge reward. Every character will have extensive customization options, from Character Skins to Digital Stickers, to Slide Boards and Foam Gun Skins. Players can even decorate the lobby with furnishings to reflect their FOAMSTARS style.
The new game mode unveiled today, Rubber Duck Party, is a foam party like no other. Teams must race to the center of the stage and fight for possession of the rubber duck. Climbing aboard will advance the duck towards the opposition’s goal to win the match. Additionally, players can dance on top of the rubber duck for a burst of movement.
Foamstar and Squad Missions are solo and co-op PvE gameplay modes where players must protect Bath Vegas from an onslaught of Bubble Beasties in a series of randomized wave attacks. In Squad Missions, players will be able to strengthen the FOAMSTARS through upgrades received upon clearing a wave. Additionally, players can clear challenges and gain additional experience to progress faster through the Season Pass by playing Missions.

FOAMSTARS is rated PEGI 12. An internet connection is required to play FOAMSTARS.
PS Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring fee. Age restrictions and terms apply.
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